Meet the Team

At Solas/Oculus since 1998.

I was always interested in the process of going from building design to construction and creating spaces that people would like to be in.

I love talking with people about their projects and putting that into a design. 

Away from work, I can be found birding around San Francisco and across the globe.

At Solas/Oculus since 2008.

I am not an architect, but I have long appreciated the creative, collaborative process required to design and build a structure.

My favorite part of my job is being able to highlight and describe the team’s accomplishments and successes. 

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, hiking, and traveling to places near and far.

At Solas/Oculus since 2010.

My father was an architect. At an early age I became intrigued with architecture and was inspired to follow in his footsteps.  I’m still walking in his shadow and trying to be as good as him.

I love the design process and its challenges.  I also love the process of building. Working with Contractors to construct something that didn’t exist before is a joy to partake in.

Outside of Solas, I teach architecture at USF. For giggles I make jewelry and kayak around San Francisco Bay.

At Solas/Oculus since 2018.

Since childhood, I’ve always been interested in all topics that are associated with the art of making and most of all the processes of making (something out of scraps).  This interest led me to study architectural design and planning during my high school years in Tyler, Texas and eventually set the path for my journey to become an architect.

My favorite part of the job is the constant engagement of the unknown (it has never been a dull moment working on healthcare/OSHPD projects!).

Outside of work? Amateur lepidopterist, gardening, outdoor adventures, hosting spontaneous parties in my backyard and amusing my neighbors with screeching fiddle playing on some weekends.

At Solas/Oculus since 2004.

I’ve always enjoyed creating and drawing things. The idea first popped in my head when my high school drafting teacher recommended that I become an Architect – guess he knew something I didn’t at the time.  When I was in college, I easily stayed up all night to finish my projects.  Going to design and studio classes felt more like a fun elective rather than a class.  Being able to create and design spaces for people seemed like the perfect full-time hobby.

I enjoy creating aesthetic and functional spaces, but my favorite part of the job is when clients are happy with the outcome.

I knit, practice Tai Chi, and enjoy travelling. I’m also a licensed Dance Fitness instructor – I volunteer to teach in my community. 

At Solas/Oculus since 2013.

I chose architecture because of the artistic possibilities of creating and shaping our physical environment on different scales. During my practice, I became more interested in how the formal aspects of architecture dialogue with construction materials and technology.

I love the creative part of this work.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and dining with friends.

Sonny has been announcing visitors to our offices since 2013.

At Solas, Sonny values both his friendship with the mail carrier and naps. Outside the office, Sonny enjoys rides in the car and chasing squirrels.