UCSF – Orthopedic Surgery Laboratory & Offices

This 4,400 sq ft renovation project for the UCSF Department of Orthopedic Surgery, located on the 11th floor of the UCSF Medical Sciences Building, required a new wet lab bench area and workstations for 24 persons. Laboratory support spaces included a Tissue Culture room, Animal Surgery rooms, Cold room, Microscopy room, Dark room, Equipment areas and individual Histology, Radioactivity and Chemical use areas. Non-Laboratory support areas included a Break/Conference Room, Administrative office, three Private Offices and a Graduate Study area.

The project area came with a challenge as it was divided in two by an existing public corridor that was in constant use with busy neighboring departments on both sides. We overcame this by aligning and recessing the two opposing entry points. This alignment and connection were bolstered visually with glazed sidelights, by a distinctive floor pattern motif and lighting fixtures. This tactic helped to establish the Department’s identity and reinforced important adjacencies between the two project areas. 

Internally we exploited the natural light and views that the project space offered and designed the laboratory as an open and inviting work environment to foster collaboration and interaction.