UCSF – Police Station, Mission Bay, San Francisco

15,600 sq ft renovation and adaptation of the ground floor of an existing three-story building. This project consolidates the operational and administrative functions of the USCF Police Department into a single coherent location in a seismically rated building.

This complex program includes accommodation for field operations, investigations, interview rooms, public entrance lobby, 911 emergency communication facility, evidence rooms, internal affairs, patrol briefing, emergency operations center (EOC), armory, lockers, changing, administrative offices and training facilities. The project also includes a secure exterior yard for patrol cars with dedicated suspect and patrol staff entries.

Solas undertook a deep analysis of the program that involved future staffing predictions to ensure this new station has the capacity to deal with its evolving roles.

Police stations are typically characterized by low quality staff areas that can contribute to low morale. For this project we have striven to provide high quality spaces that benefit from generous levels of natural light without compromising security. The location and design of the front entry and lobby at this crucial interaction point between the public and their protectors is intended to be inviting, professional and comfortable. This project is currently under permit review.