UCSF Medical Center – Microbiology Educational Suite, San Francisco

4100 sq ft renovation for the School of Medicine Microbiology in the C Level of the ACC building. The project accommodates an 88 student microbiology teaching classroom, two 24 student demonstration spaces, preparation areas for classroom materials, an equipment and media storage area and private offices for the teaching faculty and staff. Other groups that include Histo-Pathology, Clinical-Pathology and the School of Dentistry can also teach in this space.

The need to communicate effectively to the entire body of 88 students but also the ability to break down the class into smaller work groups of two students were identified as key items to address. We developed a layout to accommodate this large class body with clear sightlines to two moveable teaching stations. These moveable stations allow the teachers to address both the class as a single body but also to bring their station to specific work groups within the class. Underpinning this strategy was the use of a state-of-the-art AV system and wireless data system linked to student ipads. A system of open casework housing microscopes and other equipment combined with detailed and thoughtful layouts in the prep areas facilitated fast break down and set up times.

The C level of the ACC building is a basement level and has no natural light. To transform this space we utilized vibrant and warm colors both in floor patterns but also on accented walls and casework. To provide a taller volume with better proportions the concrete slab and overhead services were exposed but partially concealed by linear acoustic louvers that mitigated reverb.